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  • Fast: Results in 30 minutes

  • Effective: Up to 6 shades lighter with one treatment

  • Safe: Cosmetic Whitening has little or no side effects

  • Comfortable: No sensitivity or pain

  • Affordable: A fraction of cost of other procedures


  •  Your teeth absorb

Your teeth have pores just like your skin. Anything you put in your mouth that has color will absorb into those pores. Wine, coffee, and smoking are very active in staining teeth. Over time, the natural color of your teeth become darker due to these stains. These stains will never go away unless you actively remove them.

  •  Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth

Just like aggressive brushing of your teeth, abuse of and kind can be damaging. However, if used as instructed, professional teeth whitening is incredibly safe. The whitening process uses active ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains. After each whitening session, your teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate.

  •  Not everyone's teeth can be perfectly white

Regardless of your stains, the natural color (and genetic makeup) of an individual's teeth are set at birth. The only thing a whitening product can do is remove all the stains that have accumulated over time. You'll never know just how white your teeth can be until you try. 

  •  Deep stains on teeth cannot be removed overnight

Customers with severe stains must be patient with the process and know that each whitening session removes years of stains. Once those stains are gone, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

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