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"This was my first time for whitening and the gal in charge was excellent. She explained everything and was very attentive. The seating is really comfortable and I had no sensitivity after the treatment. My teeth really did brighten up, and I'm 65 years old. This is a good value, I'd go back for sure!"

"Meredith was very professional and kind! It was my first time whitening and I was a little worried but she educated on all the things to expect. Definitely saw results immediately! The office was very cute and clean and I liked their choice of music! Thanks!"

Pam V.

Stephanie Q. / Yelp

"Easy to make an appointment and super flexible with scheduling. Explained the procedure very thoroughly and checked in on me frequently. After one session my teeth are very noticeably white. It's like five years of drinking multiple cups of coffee a day came right off!"

"Didn't realize how stained my teeth had become. Great people, service & system. I'll be back soon to get them even whiter! Already sent my girlfriend!!"

"Huge difference immediately. Before & after photo proved it. I'll be back!"

Emily R.

Walter G.

Brendan O.

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